TIm Kirker | Worms For Early Birds

This record represents a significant stylistic departure from my first release, Like Distant Sounds. While LDS featured a full-force production assault—the "Rock of Gibraltar" rhythm section of Michael Cartellone, Greg Wooten and John Papa, numerous guitar tracks (a Les Paul here, a Telecaster there),layered backing vocals and the occasional synth—we take a 180-degree turn with this new release.

The songs on "Worms for Early Birds" are presented in what I consider to be their purest form; a single acoustic guitar track and a lead vocal with the occasional duet. To add a little bit of spice to the mix, old friend and Like Distant Sounds engineer Frank Vale has—in addition to resuming his duties behind the mixing board—added a few tasty piano and organ tracks, and I had a grand old time banging tambourines and shaking various exotic gourds and dried vegetables into very expensive microphones.

As well as the new material on this disc, you'll find a few revisited tunes from Like Distant Sounds. In retrospect, this bare-bones treatment served them extremely well. Hope you enjoy the show, and see if you can tell which tracks features the realistic-looking imitation avocado shaker.

Songs by Tim Kirker

© Tim Kirker/Published Adarya Music (ASCAP)

Produced by Tim Kirker
Engineered and mixed by Frank Vale
Mastered at Metrosync Studios by Greg Zydyk

Recorded at Metrosync Studios, Cleveland, Ohio and Down North Studios, New York.

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